CAG’s report points out lapses in GST, Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

The Compliance Audit (Revenue) report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) for the year that ended on March 31, 2021, tabled in the Assembly on Friday has pointed out lapses in aspects relating to Goods and Services Tax and Stamp Duty and Registration Fee.

A test check of the records relating to Goods and Services Tax, Stamp Duty and Registration Fee, and land revenue during the year 2020-21 revealed under-assessments, short levy, loss of revenue and other observations amounting to ₹675.87 crore in 1,079 cases, it said.

Subject-Specific Compliance Audit on “Processing of GST Refunds” revealed that excess refund of ₹366.88 crore was granted due to incorrect determination of eligible Input Tax Credit, the CAG pointed out.. Excess refunds amounting to ₹9.87 crore were granted for tax-payers with zero-rated turnover.

Excess refund of ₹9.89 crore was granted for tax-payers with inverted duty structure, the report said.

The Audit of Offices of the Sub-Registrar revealed a Short collection of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee amounting to ₹3.53 crore due to undervaluation of properties. There was non-levy of Green Tax in respect of Transport and Non-Transport vehicles amounting to ₹4 crore, it added.

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