Delhi Metro’s Sarojini Nagar Metro station remodelled for passenger convenience


Good news for metro commuters! The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation  (DMRC) has redmodelled Sarojini Nagar Metro station with separate entry and exit points. The Sarojini Nagar Metro station is an important station of Delhi Metro‘s Pink Line.

Over thousands of passengers board and deboard at this metro station to visit Sarojini Nagar market which is one of the most prominent shopping hubs of the national capital. The DMRC has also installed additional Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates to enhance the convenience of the movement of passengers at this station.

Entrance to Sarojini Nagar Metro Station:-   

As part of the remodelling initiative, Gate number 1, located on the West side of the station, has been designated for the entry of passengers. Gate number 1 is near to the Sarojini Nagar market. This will ease the inflow of passengers and thereby reduces the waiting time for entry. 

The redevelopment of Sarojini Nagar Metro station also includes the installation of more luggage scanning machines and frisking points for hassle-free entry of commuters. 

The Sarojini Nagar Metro station experiences more female passengers as compared to males, and thereby the DMRC has installed four dedicated Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD) for speedy frisking. For male passengers, two DFMDs have been installed.

Exit from Sarojini Nagar Metro Station:- 

At the time of exit, the commuters have to use Gate number 2, located on the East side. Previously, there were four gates for entry and exit which now has been increased to 14 gates exclusively for exit only. The DMRC has also made special arrangements for differently abled passengers at this metro station.

The Sarojini Nagar metro station witnesses heavy passenger traffic on weekends, holidays, and during the festive season, and hence, it was a concern for the DMRC. It becomes necessary for the authorities to undertake the remodelling of the existing facilities of the station. 

It is the busiest station on the Pink Line with an average daily footfall of around 38,000 on weekdays and 65,000 on weekends and holidays. Since its opening in August 2018, the Sarojini Nagar Metro station’s footfall has increased to almost six times. 


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