RBI Cash Limit: RBI has fixed the limit for keeping cash at home, know how much money can be kept at home now?


RBI has now implemented a new rule, now the bank has issued a limit for keeping cash at home. Anyway, in this digital age, now in the rapidly changing world, people have reduced keeping cash at home.

Let me tell you that in the days of old people like their grandmothers, people used to advise to keep cash money in the house for any emergency.

So that there is no need to beg from anyone and even before that, let us tell you that most of the people did not keep money from depositing in banks and used to hide a lot of accumulated amount in homes and keep it hidden somewhere. But now the times are changing and people spend with digital wallets.

Yes, tell you how much cash money can be kept in the house. But you hardly know the limit of keeping cash at home. But let us tell you that according to the rules of Income Tax at home, you are allowed to keep cash at home.

How much cash can you keep at home at a time? But if your cash money is caught by the investigating agency, then you will have to tell your income or the source of that money.

Yes, let me tell you that you should know the complete source of cash coming and your income should also have a source.

It is not that your ITR is of 5 lakhs per annum and you have complete documents for having cash of 50 lakhs.

Also, which you can show when needed and if you file Income Tax Return (ITR) every year, then you do not have to worry. But the cash money should be according to your ITR only.


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